Since the 18th century, Swiss watchmakers have been considered the world's leading experts in the manufacture of high-precision, high-quality timepieces. They have set the standards for the industry around the globe.


Far from the traditionally recognized watchmaking centers of the country, the story of Jaguar Watches began in the municipality of Muralto, Switzerland. On the shores of Lake Maggiore, at the mouth of the Maggia River, this town is one of the most beautiful in the Alpine country.



A legacy of quality in watchmaking

Although it is located outside of the traditionally recognized watchmaking centers of the Swiss country, in Muralto the Haas family ran a watchmaking workshop with a long tradition, manufacturing high-precision parts for other brands.
In the family, the values that prevailed and that were passed down from parents to children were those of well-done work, always faithful to the specifications they received from their customers, always prioritizing quality above all. Throughout its history, the family watchmaking workshop progressed to become a reference in the canton of Ticino.
Not being geographically located in the areas where the watchmaking industry flourished with force implied certain difficulties for the company, and in the Haas family they always had it clear that, if for some reason other watchmakers chose them, it was for the quality of their products. Peter Haas, the founder of the Jaguar brand, was educated in these values.

The dream of a watchmaker comes true

Peter Haas was one of the youngest members of the family. Working in the family watchmaking workshop, everything seemed to indicate that, with time, he would end up taking over the business started by his ancestors and following in their tradition. However, he had much greater ambitions. His love of watchmaking and his passion for achieving perfection in all his work made him dream that, one day, he could manufacture the products he dreamed of.

After completing his apprenticeship, Peter Haas was clear that he had to abandon the security that the family workshop offered him and risk embarking on his own path. Unlike the custom of the time, instead of using his family's surname as a brand, he decided to use the name Jaguar for his watches. For him, it was the name of one of the greatest icons of beauty and elegance in the natural world.

A vision of Beauty and Luxury

As the founder of the Jaguar watch brand, Peter Haas set himself a mission: to instill in each of the watches that came out of his atelier the same untamed strength and harmony that inspired him from the beautiful American feline, a great power and the embodiment of the wildest beauty.

Since its inception, the brand has made the decision to use only top-level materials, guaranteeing reliability and precision in its products. The goal was not easy: to forge sublime watches, tiny gears set like jewels, designed with such precision and beauty that they stopped time to achieve moments of eternal perfection that 85 years later still captivate our eyes.




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