Jaguar Automatic Watches

An automatic watch embodies the essence of Swiss watchmaking, where each piece is not just a device for measuring time, but a work of art designed to tell its story with elegance and accuracy.


Born in the heart of Switzerland, Jaguar automatic watches represent the ultimate fusion of traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation, and are the pride of our brand. 



Jaguar Automatic Watches

The Jewels of the Jaguar Collection


Since the watchmaker from Le-Locle, Abraham-Louis Perrelet, invented the automatic winding mechanism for mechanical watches in 1777, a milestone in the history of global watchmaking, these watches have become objects of desire for all users of the then popular pocket watches. Suddenly, the routine task of winding their time-measuring instruments was no longer necessary, as the wearer's own movement automatically charged the watch. Perfected by Perrelet and his descendants, and with developments by the most renowned watchmakers in history, the automatic watch undoubtedly became the most coveted piece for any watch collector. 

Since the founding of Jaguar Watches, these pieces have been the main icons of the brand. Objects of complex and reliable mechanics that express the precision of manufacturing work but also speak of their wearer and their passion for high difficulty in watchmaking.


Montaje del movimiento de un reloj automático

Excellence in Automatic Watches


Jaguar automatic watches embody over 80 years of Swiss expertise.


From meticulous assembly to the final polish, each watch is a legacy of precision that is worn on the wrist. But not only that. The calibres that give life to our brand's automatic watches are manufactured entirely within our watchmaking group. From the springs that accumulate the necessary energy to move the mechanism precisely to the tiny screws that adjust the whole assembly. From the anchors and the setting of the rubies that guarantee its correct functioning for decades to the dials that facilitate the correct reading of the time. All, made in-house.


The result of years of development are Chronofiable and COSC-certified automatic mechanical movements by independent laboratories. Certifications that only the most reliable Swiss-made watch pieces achieve. Like the Jaguar automatic watches.


Heirs of a Dream.


All Jaguar watches are manufactured with materials of unquestionable quality such as 316 stainless steel, sapphire crystals, the most suitable alloys for their complex mechanisms... ensuring reliability and quality in their construction. And all this is no coincidence. At Jaguar, every piece that leaves our workshops honors the dream of our founder, Peter Haas, who in 1938 decided to pursue the most powerful beauty that a watch piece could express. 


Jaguar Balancier

A must for watch collectors



From the Workshop to Your Wrist 
The Art of Manufacturing Automatic Watches

Each Jaguar automatic watch is hand-assembled with the highest dedication and attention to detail. This alone makes it a unique piece. The personality of its wearer will offer each Jaguar, through its movements, the energy that feeds the eternal movement of its hands. Unique vibrations that only the union of our automatic watch with the energy of its owner can achieve. 


The watchmakers at Jaguar perfect their skills day by day to achieve the best result. Using a unique combination of artisanal techniques and state-of-the-art technologies, we ensure that the watch worn by the owners of a JAGUAR expresses their powerful and untamed personality, a reflection of the brand since its foundation.


Thanks to this foundational philosophy and the values of improvement and continuous enhancement that permeate the Group, Jaguar forges unique pieces that transcend the mere act of marking time to become objects of worship. Watch collectors have valued the good work done for decades and appreciate the value distilled by the complex mechanical machinery that moves our automatic watches. 




Jaguar Coeur

Women with a captivating personality


Style that Transcends Time.

Jaguar automatic watches are the epitome of Swiss design: timeless, elegant, and always at the forefront. Each model is a statement of intent, a reflection of the identity and personality of the wearer.

Jaguar automatic watches are the personification of the balance between respect for tradition and the adoption of avant-garde. Each model is specifically designed to withstand the test of time, not just in its enduring operation but also in its style. Timelessness is our signature: a dialectic between the classic and the contemporary reflected in the clean lines, the selection of the highest quality materials, and the sober color palette that adorn each piece.


In every Jaguar watch beats the heart of those who see life as an opportunity to excel, driven by an unlimited inner force. It is their spirit that is reflected in details of unparalleled beauty, a beauty as untamed and powerful as that of the great American feline that gives them their name.

Wild beauty, the essence that Jaguar captures in its creations and promises to its collectors, for whom time is experienced through these sublime pieces that eternally transcend it. Jaguar achieves the impossible: stopping the moment to make it everlasting. That unique magic that seduces those who know how to recognize it, the magic of Jaguar watches and their untamed beauty.