We believe luxury watchmaking is an amalgam of Swiss watchmaking tradition and the latest technological innovation. We design watches for watch lovers who seek exclusive pieces that distill their power and beauty.


Since the integration of Jaguar Watches into the Festina Group, the brand has taken a step forward in its commitment to excellence. Now, it has all the knowledge and technical skills of the professionals of the group's Swiss factories, who provide Jaguar with mechanical movements certified by chronometry laboratories, custom-developed components, the latest manufacturing technology, and the most refined precision in its manufacturing.


This combination of tradition and innovation gives rise to unparalleled watchmaking pieces, which are an expression of the power and beauty of the Jaguar brand. We are doing everything we can to fulfill the vision that Peter Haas had in 1938 when he founded the brand: to make Jaguar Watches an icon of the purest and most attractive beauty in the world of watchmaking.


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The fusion of watchmaking tradition and technology


Jaguar's latest sports models stand out for their traditional elegance and sophistication, but with the dynamic and versatile aesthetic that characterizes these pieces, suitable for all occasions and reflecting the spirit of their wearers.


Jaguar's Diver collections, to adapt to the demanding use that their owners demand, have been designed to withstand pressures equivalent to dives of up to 200 meters!


The new Newton Balancier collection experiments and expands the technical limits of mechanical watchmaking to share with its owners the visible pulse of its mechanical heart. The movement developed in the Festina Group has as its main objective the visual enjoyment of a piece of exquisite manufacture, which transmits to the owner its vital rhythm.


True to its tradition, Jaguar continues to offer unique pieces that express the personality of its owners, as well as their strength and beauty.


Jaguar and the Festina Group continue to pursue the goal that led Peter Haas to take the reins of his life by founding the brand: to deliver a unique and high-quality product. The passion for precision and detail. The highest Swiss Made quality standards, combined with innovative technologies and exclusive designs of incomparable beauty.

Jaguar embraces new technologies.

New manufacturing methods to achieve the best product, and in the watches we offer to our customers. A truly intelligent technology.

Technology that maintains the unmistakable style of a luxury watch. Technology that contributes to improving our lives, eliminating distractions to allow us to focus on what each of us needs at each moment. Beautiful and personal technology, like the owners of the pieces in the Jaguar Connected collection.

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Discover our most technological watches.
Smart technology for those who appreciate a unique style.


Swiss Watches. Made of dreams.


Made in Switzerland, all Jaguar watches are manufactured with materials of undisputed quality such as 316 stainless steel, sapphire crystals, and the most suitable alloys for their complex mechanisms, ensuring reliability and quality in their construction. But that's not all. We seek to achieve the dream of our founder and transmit it to every piece that leaves our warehouses.

With a firm commitment to watchmaking traditions, Jaguar is constantly researching technologies that will allow it to improve its products, evolving the materials used, the manufacturing methods, and the functionalities they offer to their owners.

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Generation after generation, the master watchmakers of JAGUAR have perfected an unmatched savoir-faire. Through an untiring search for beauty in their high-precision pieces and meticulous attention to detail, JAGUAR artisans have succeeded in creating authentic kinetic works of art. Each component is manufactured and assembled with a single goal: to achieve watchmaking perfection.


The team of people behind the brand is proud to be part of this adventure, which began in 1938 and is more relevant than ever: the goal of producing perfection in our watches, and day by day they move in the right direction to make them better and better. Beyond. More difficult. More beautiful. More powerful. More attractive. It is never enough for our professionals. 


Thanks to this philosophy and values, Jaguar forges unique pieces that transcend the mere act of telling time to become authentic works of art, creating only for those who know how to appreciate excellence in its purest expression and yearn to possess unmatched creations, those who refuse to settle for less than perfection.




Jaguar automatic winding mechanical watches.
The dream of all luxury watch lovers.


An unmatched watchmaking team.

Coming to the Festina Group from a wide variety of life experiences, our people are the key to success for Jaguar Watches. Professionals trained for years in-house, satisfied with a job well done in each of the products we make.

Each Jaguar watch passes through their hands to finally reach its owners. And not only that, the Festina Group customer service team is also at your disposal to ensure that every Jaguar owner is as proud as they are of the piece they wear on their wrist.

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Y. Alarcon

Workshop Manager

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D. Gligorievic

Workshop Manager

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JB. Lambert

Factory Manager

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M. Toska

Workshop Manager

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H. Dokmak

Aftersales Service


State-of-the-art technology in the manufacture of Jaguar watches


In line with the values of the Festina Group, Jaguar watches are manufactured entirely in the group's own facilities. This has made it necessary to develop the group's own patented technologies and also to adopt state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies in order to meet the strict demands of the owners of each of our watches, without losing any of the brand's traditional values: beauty, power, and a captivating personality. 



In every Jaguar watch beats the heart of those who see life as an opportunity to excel, driven by an unlimited inner strength. It is their spirit that is reflected in details of incomparable beauty, of a beauty as wild and powerful as that of the great American feline that gives them their name.

Wild beauty, the essence that Jaguar captures in its creations and promises to its collectors, for whom time is experienced through these sublime pieces that transcend it eternally. Jaguar achieves the impossible: to stop the moment to make the moment eternal. That unique magic that seduces those who know how to recognize it, the magic of Jaguar watches and their untamed beauty.