Maintenance & care

Resetting the watch to its factory defaults often solves issues which cannot be resolved by any other means. If you are resetting the watch due to connectivity issues, make sure you have tried these steps before you do a full reset.


Follow these steps to unpair the watch from your phone and reset it to its factory defaults.


1. Forget watch

In the Jaguar Connected app select Settings -> Forget watch.


2. Unpair the watch from your phone

Unpair ("Forget") the Jaguar Connected watch in your phone's Bluetooth settings if it's still listed as a paired device.


3. Restart your phone


4. Uninstall and reinstall the Jaguar Connected app

Uninstall the app to make sure that no faulty configuration persists.


5. Reset your watch

Press and hold the top and bottom pushers for 5 seconds to reset the watch


6. Connect your watch

Open the Jaguar Connected app and follow the instructions in the application to connect your watch.


We are here to help. If the steps above do not help then please service center.