Jaguar x IFTTT

Control your surroundings and favourite apps with your Jaguar watch. The Jaguar watch will act as a trigger and the outcome is up to you.
Browse through hundreds of services and create your own personalised IFTTT Applet that suits your way of living.

watch pusher jaguar

…set the mood

Control your lights with your Jaguar watch. Switch the lights on and off or change the ambience by simply pressing the pusher on your Jaguar watch.

block off jaguar
…block off the next hour as busy

Are you in the zone? Block off the next hour in your calendar as busy and make sure no one interrupts your flow.

…or why not open the garage door?

Press the pusher on your Jaguar watch to open the garage door.

IFTTT connects hundreds of services. Discover more on the official IFTTT site.

garage open jaguar

Get started

1. Activate the IFTTT feature on your Jaguar app. Simply drag and drop the IFTTT icon to an empty pusher slot.

2. Tap the link in the IFTTT detail view and follow the steps on the IFTTT website.

3. Get creative! You are now ready to activate existing Applets or create customised IFTTT Applets with your Jaguar watch as the trigger.