Not receiving notifications on your watch could be caused by one of the following reasons:


The watch is not connected

Open the Jaguar Connected app to confirm that the watch is connected with the phone.


The battery needs to be replaced

When the battery reaches a critical power level (which is visible in the Jaguar Connected app) notifications are turned off to conserve battery power.


The Quiet Hours option is enabled

While Quiet hours is active in the Jaguar Connected app you will not receive any notifications on the watch.


[Android] The Jaguar Connected app is not allowed to run in the background

Please ensure that there are none of the phone settings (like power save) are restricting the Jaguar Connected app from running in the background. Please see information from your phone manufacturer how this is done for your specific model of phone.


[iPhone] Enable Share System Notifications

From iOS 13 you have to enable the Share System Notifications for Jaguar Connected. This can be done in Settings -> Bluetooth. Tap the (i) next to Jaguar Connected and enable Share System Notifications.


Notifications are not enabled on the phone for the app



Please enable notifications for the app from which you would like to receive notifications. The Jaguar Connected app has to be granted "Notification access" in your phone's Settings to process any notifications.



Please enable the option Allow Notifications and Notification Centre for the app from which you would like to receive notifications.


For iOS 13

Show Previews must be set to either Always or When Unlocked for the apps that should notify you on your watch. The default configuration is set as follows:


Settings -> Notifications -> Show Previews.

Specific apps can then override this configuration:

Settings -> Notifications -> -> Show Previews.


The phone is no longer communicating correctly with the watch.

Turn off the Bluetooth and then back on again. Restart phone if that does not resolve the issue.