In Activity you can set a daily step goal and see the step count for the last 7 days. Enable Get moving in Filtered notifications to get a reminder not to be still for too long.

Yes, you can connect Jaguar Connected with Google Fit and Apple Health.

Yes, you can assign Daily hundred to the watch face which will be updated even when you are not connected. Steps taken when you are disconnected will be automatically synched with the phone when they reconnect.

No, only steps registered by the watch are displayed in the Jaguar Connected app.

The watch continuously measures movement to detect patterns which is typical for walking or running. The algorithm has been tuned to limit the risk of false readings when moving the arm during other activities, e.g. cooking or typing. There is however a risk of the watch registering some extra steps if there is a lot of arm movement which is similar to walking, or missing steps if the arm movement is significantly different from normal walking.


To get the best step count accuracy wear the watch snug to your wrist on your non-dominant arm.


Yes, in the Jaguar Connected app you can see the step count for the last 7 days. You can also connect Jaguar Connected with Google Fit or Apple Health.