1. How to connect to your watch.

Download the Jaguar Connected app in the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.




What can I do on my watch without a Bluetooth connection

The Jaguar Hybrid watch communicates via Bluetooth and most of it functions will not work without an active connection to the phone.

Your watch will keep track of time, date and steps while being offline. The timer will also work without the phone nearby.

How do I use Filtered notifications?

The Jaguar Hybrid watch allows you to choose who or what can interrupt you. Let people, applications and functions let you know with a subtle vibration in the wrist. We know that distractions can be expensive, so don’t let too many things distract you.

In the application, you can assign people, applications and functions to three different vibration patterns. 1, 2 or 3 vibrations on the watch allow you to keep track of what is happening. It is recommended to use pattern 3 for the most important, because it vibrates longer and is the easiest to detect.

In Jaguar Hybrid, the following settings are usual: Calendar, Get moving and Facebook Messenger in pattern 1. All calls, friends and colleagues in pattern 2. And only the family in pattern 3.

The watch will vibrate when you receive calls, text messages and email on iPhone, and calls, text messages and email from Gmail on Android.

To remove a contact, press once and choose Delete contact.

How do I know when my battery is running low in my Jaguar Hybrid watch?

The Jaguar app will inform you when it is time for a battery change. There are two types of warnings.

First you will get a warning of “BATTERY LOW” then the watch will work normally with all functions in place.

After some time you get the warning of “WATCH ONLY MODE- CHANGE BATTERY” and all the functions in the watch will be turned off. The watch will now just work as a normal watch with keeping the time until the battery is changed.

How do I change the battery?

When your battery is running low, you will get a battery warning in your app.

Change your battery at a Jaguar Hybrid retailer or your favorite watch shop. Key thing is that the shop pressure tests your watch’s water resistance after the battery has been replaced.

Use only Jaguar Hybrid certified batteries such a the Panasonic CR3032.

There are two kind of “3032” batteries i.e.CR3032 and BR3032.

Please do not use BR3032 batteries since these have lower current handing capacity than required by your Jaguar Hybrid watch.

Using BR3032 batteries could render your watch to stop working as intended and will also dramatically decrease the battery life time of your Jaguar Hybrid watch.


Reset the watch and application (iPhone & Android)

Before starting

If you are resetting the watch due to connection problems, be sure to follow these steps first to reconnect the watch before doing a full reset.

Make sure the phone is running the latest version of iOS. There are known errors in some earlier versions of iOS.

On the iPhone, tap Settings> General> Software update. If an update is available, tap Download and install.

  1. Unpair the watch from the app
    In the app: tap Settings > Forget watch

  2. Unpair the watch from your phone (only for iPhone)
    In the phone: tap Settings > Bluetooth, Tap (i) next to
    the watch, then ‘Forget this Device’
    Note: Check if the watch has been successfully unpaired from your phone
    Tap Settings > Bluetooth (your watch shall not be listed in the Bluetooth menu)

  3. Turn off your phone.

Keep it off during step 4.

  1. Reset the watch
    On the watch: Press and hold the top and bottom buttons at the same time for five seconds until you get a vibration.
    This will reset the watch and restore it to the factory settings.

  2. Start up your phone again.

  3. Make sure the watch is not connected to the phone.

Phone settings > Bluetooth. Check list of ‘My devices’.

  1. Wait for 2 minutes.

This is necessary for the Bluetooth to be able to start up properly.

  1. Delete and reinstall the app
    Delete the app from your phone.
    Download and install the app again from App Store
    or Google Play.

  2. Connect your watch
    Start the app and follow the instructions to connect your watch.

We are here to help you

If you continue to have problems with the watch after performing the above steps, contact support at

The Jaguar Hybrid watch is a connected watch. In order for its features to work properly, be sure of the following:

– The Jaguar Hybrid application is running.

– The Bluetooth connection is enabled on the phone.


My app is in another language than my iPhone.

On iPhones you set a list of preferred languages to use on your phone. If you for example have Spanish over English in that list you will get the Jaguar Hybrid app in Spanish.You can change the language order by on your phone go to Settings > General, > Language & Region. There press edit and arrange the preferred language order.

Steps counting and daily hundred.

In the activity part of the app you can set a goal of how many steps you want to take every day. You can show your progress on the sub dial on your watch if it has one or by pressing the crown button. The watch will collect steps even if you are not connected to the phone and once connection is established again the collected steps will sync to to phone.

If you want to you can also connect Jaguar Hybrid to Google Fit or Apple Health and have the steps synced with those services. This way you can see how many steps you have taken over time.

In filtered notifications you have the option to add a reminder to get moving if you have been still for to long. You can also add to get a notification when you have reached your daily goal.

How do I use IFTTT

IFTTT connects hundreds of services through Applets. You can browse through already existing Applets or create new recipes.

IFTTT offers you countless possibilities together with your Jaguar Hybrid watch.

How to get started:

  • Open The Jaguar Hybrid app and drag and drop the IFTTT icon to an empty pusher slot.

  • Tap the IFTTT icon to enter the detail view and then tap “SET IT UP” (This step is required for your Jaguar Hybrid watch to connect with your IFTTT account).

  • Follow the steps on IFTTT. Sign in to an existing account or create a new one.

  • Now you are ready to explore IFTTT and create your own applets with your Jaguar Hybrid watch as a trigger.

You can have several active applets connected to your Jaguar Hybrid watch at the same time. Distinguish them by selecting different press types for each applet.

We recommend that you install the IFTTT app on your Android or iOS device to get the most out of IFTTT.

If your applet isn’t running as expected:

The webpage should open in the default browser on your phone (Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS).

Make sure cookies are enabled as they are required by IFTTT.

Make sure that the applet is turned on and that you have internet connection.

Check to see if the IFTTT site is down or if there is problems with specific services.

Make sure you have Include location turned on in the Jaguar Hybrid IFTT Marble/Ball.

For more information about IFTTT, visit the IFTTT Help Center 
or the IFTTT support.

If you Change phone:

If you change the phone you use with your Jaguar Hybrid watch you need to do the following:

Open the Jaguar Hybrid app and tap the IFTTT icon to enter the detail view.

Tap “SET IT UP” and then select “Disconnect”.

Follow the instructions on disconnecting the Jaguar Hybrid service in IFTTT.

You can now connect to IFTTT on your new phone.

Where can I sync my activity data?

When you turn on the step collecting in Activity in the app you can choose to send your data to Google Fit on Android and Apple Health on iPhone.

PHONE – (2)

My watch can’t connect to the phone (Android & iPhone)

Make sure that

– The Jaguar Hybrid app is running

– Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

– Location permission is enabled for the Jaguar Hybrid app in your phone’s settings

1. Toggle Bluetooth

Android: Switch Bluetooth off and on. This often solve minor connectivity issues.

Iphone: Switch Bluetooth off and on in iOS Bluetooth Settings. This often solve minor connectivity issues.

2. Restart your phone

Restart your phone and return to the Jaguar Hybrid app. A phone restart solves most connectivity issues

3. Reset the watch and app

If the watch still can’t connect after restarting the phone, do a full reset on the watch and app.

We always recommend that you run the latest app version and OS/iOS version, so make sure you update regularly.

I have changed phone, what do I do?

If you have changed phone you need to the following to connect your Jaguar Hybrid watch to the new phone

If you still have the old phone open the Jaguar Hybrid app and go into settings.

Choose forget watch and the watch will disconnect from your phone and app.

Go to Bluetooth settings in your phone and remove Jaguar Hybrid as a connected device if still connected.

On the new phone install the Jaguar Hybrid app and follow the steps in the app to connect your watch.

If you do not have the old phone you will need to first reset your watch before you can connect it to the new phone.

Reset the watch by pressing the top and bottom pusher for 5 seconds. The watch is now in connect mode.

Install the Jaguar Hybrid app and follow the instructions in the app to connect to your new phone.


Volume increases when I press the pusher assigned to Camera

IPhone only

The Jaguar Hybrid watch is sending the “volume up” command to take a photo (simulating using the “volume up” on the phone as the trigger). If a camera app isn’t open the phone treats it like a normal “volume up” command.

Nothing happens when I press a pusher

IPhone only

First make sure that the app is running.

If you force the app to close (Swiping up to close), the watch loses communication with the Jaguar Hybrid app. This deactivates many of its features like the puschers. (Don’t worry, having the Jaguar Hybrid app open in the background will not drain your iPhone battery.)

If you suspect that the watch isn’t working as it should, open the Jaguar Hybrid app to make sure it’s running.

Some of the triggers you can assign to a pusher button stops working if the Jaguar Hybrid application isn’t running. If the phone has been restarted you have to open the Jaguar Hybrid app again.

How can I activate”Find my phone” functionality?

There are two ways to activate the “Find phone” functionality. Either you can assign a pusher to the function or you can press the Crown button for 3 seconds.

How do I delete a location in Remember this spot

For iOS

You can delete a saved location by swiping over it.

For Android

Tap EDIT to be able to delete a location.

I cannot reject calls with the Crown button on my watch

Android only

The Android permission to handle calls might be missing. You can try and activate All calls in Filtered notifications and accept the permission requested at that point. You can then choose to inactivate All calls. Rejecting calls with the Crown button will still work.

How are the push buttons used to activate functions?

The Jaguar Hybrid watch has two buttons to which you can assign functions. These functions can activate things on the phone or functions in the cloud. These functions are called push buttons.

The pushers can be assigned to trigger events away from your watch.

Available triggers for the pusher buttons are:

  • Find phone – press the pusher to start playing a sound on your phone.

  • Music control – press the Music icon in the app for full instructions.

  • Camera – take photos remotely. Read more in the app about how it works.

  • Remember this spot – press the pusher to save your location in the app.

  • Walk me home – send a signal to your safety contact and they can see where you are on a map, a long press sends an emergency signal


I get two vibrations when I press the Crown

No complication has been set. Open the Jaguar Hybrid app and tap on “Watch face”, then drag an icon to the slot next to the Crown button to activate it.

My watch doesn’t vibrate when I get a notification


Check the following settings in your phone:

  1. iPhone > Settings > Bluetooth > click on the ‘I’ next to your watch > enable ‘Share System Notifications’

  2. iPhone > Settings > Notifications > Show Previews > check that ‘Always’ is set

  3. In this step, you shall search for the application you want notifications from to your watch and configure it:

    1. iPhone > Settings > Notifications > click on the application under ‘Notification Style’ heading, eg. WhatsApp

    2. – ‘Allow Notifications’ shall be marked (green)
      – ‘Alerts’, at least, ‘Notification Centre’ shall be ticked
      – ‘Show Previews’ shall be set to ‘Always’


Many Android brands has started to use power save functionality in their phone software. Then unknown applications, like the Jaguar Hybrid app, will be shut down to save the power in the phone battery. You as a user will not notice it more than your Jaguar Hybrid watch will be disconnected often and the smart functions in the watch, like notifications, will not work as supposed.

Please check if there are any settings regarding power saving in your phone that can be changed so that the app can run in the background all the time.

Current issue on iOS

If you don’t receive watch notifications, Toggle Bluetooth OFF/ON in iPhone Settings > Bluetooth (not in the control panel).

After doing this your watch will receive notifications again. If you restart your phone, you need to Toggle Bluetooth once more.

iOS 13 notifications

Due to privacy changes by Apple in iOS 13 there are two additional settings required for notifications to be sent to connected devices.

1) Enable Share System Notifications: Share System Notifications is enabled in Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the (i) next to Jaguar Hybrid and enable Share System Notifications.

2) Enable Show Previews: Show Previews must be set to either Always or When Unlocked for the apps that should notify you on your watch. The default configuration is set in Settings > Notifications > Show Previews. Specific apps can then override this configuration in Settings > Notifications > App Name > Show Previews.


When I use the Camera function, I can’t find the photo

Photos are stored in a Jaguar Hybrid folder in your images folder.

I cannot use my preferred camera app with the Camera trigger (Android)

On Android the Jaguar Hybrid app launches its own camera to take photos. We haven’t found a way to support all (or even most) available Android cameras so to make it possible for all Android customers to use this feature we built our own camera.

Can I change between front and rear camera?

Android only

Yes, press twice on the pusher to switch when the camera is already open.

TIME – (1)

My watch doesn’t show the correct time

The time on your watch reflects the time on your phone. Make sure the watch and phone are connected and that the time on the phone is correct. Also check that you have the right time zone set in your phone for the second time zone to work as intended.

If the time on the watch is still incorrect you might need to calibrate your watch. Open the Jaguar Hybrid app and tap SETTINGS > CALIBRATE WATCH to calibrate your Jaguar Hybrid watch.