Jaguar was founded in 1938 in Switzerland. Since its early beginnings, the brand has been renown for the excellence and distinction of their timepieces which, like the wild cat whose name they carry, have been inspired by the elegance and power. In 1989 the Festina Group acquired the brand adding strength and experience to an already formidable watch manufacturing group.
Jaguar is the brand for fans of the most demanding products, seeking quality, exclusivity and distinction. The passion for precision and meticulous attention to detail is evident in each of its parts, manufactured according to the most stringent quality standards and, by this, achieving true gems of Swiss Made precision, combining technological innovation and unique design.
Festina Group is one of the few watch-making groups worldwide with the ability to cover each and every stage of the manufacturing of a watch. This has implications for the process control and unique quality standards, placing the Festina Group in an optimal position to compete at the highest levels of watch-making. Jaguar has the ability and technology to design and manufacture a complete watch, including all the mechanical parts. This translates into a unique competitive advantage in the market.